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Rockliffe Manor Primary School

Year 4

This week, Year 4 have been working really hard with their learning. In maths, they have been learning to convert tenths and hundredths into decimals and then using their knowledge on this to order and compare decimal numbers. In English, the children have continued their learning on their core text, The Diver’s Daughter and made a range of predictions about what they think will happen in the rest of the story, linking their ideas with their history learning on the Tudors. On Tuesday, they also had the opportunity to attend a football workshop at Plumstead Manor, run by Year 10s, where they took part in various activities within a carousel. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and showed the character skill effort within their learning. 

I was really proud of myself because I scored a goal at Plumstead and I never really score a goal.’ Olivia

‘The Tudors are really interesting. Henry VIII wasn’t a very nice king because he had 6 wives and killed 2 of them.’ Jess

‘I’m really enjoying English because I like predicting what will happen next in our book. I hope my predictions are correct.’ Tommy 

‘ I liked converting fractions into decimals because once I made the connection between place value and tenths and hundredths I found it easy to convert.’ Malachi

Year 4 have been very busy in English understanding what the mental illness OCD is, linked to their theme of identity. Using the character from our core text, The Goldfish Boy, Year 4 have had to create questions to ask Matthew, to find out more information about his OCD and how he copes in day to day life. They then used these questions in role play, acting out how the interview would go and how Matthew would answer the questions.

In maths, they continued to apply their multiplication and division skills to a range of multistep problems. From multiplying using 3 numbers to using number facts to help solve harder calculations, they worked collaboratively to find the answers. In art, to prepare for their outcome, inspired by surrealists Salavdor Dali and Rene Marguritte, Year 4 practiced their painting techniques using watercolours to help them create a background that reflects their emotions.

“ I really liked doing the interview because I think my interviewer voice was really good when I was asking the questions.” Penny

“ I enjoyed using different paint brushes to get different textures with my watercolours. I didn't know the colours could come out so thick!” Malachi

“I really enjoy maths because I find it fun. I practiced really hard and now I know my 7 times tables.” Tommy

“I've learned that when you have to times 3 numbers together, if there is a 10 it is always easier to times that number last. It makes sense when you do it step by step.” Charlie R