At Rockliffe Manor, we believe that primary education is the key to success.

Welcome to the Rockliffe Manor Primary School website where you will find relevant information about the school, policies, initiatives and news from around our school. Rockliffe Manor Primary School is a unique and diverse learning community that provides the best possible support in enabling all pupils to achieve their potential. Pupils and staff are highly motivated and firmly believe in learning together in partnership with our community and beyond.

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  • Posted on: 13/05/2021
    A great PDM yesterday where and teachers came together to discuss their leadership projects for this year ahead of the celebration in July. It has been a different year but still so much learning and progress to be shared!
  • Posted on: 13/05/2021
    Year 5 have been fully engrossed in their English learning and wrote internal monologues in role of the character Ade from our core text Boy in the Tower. They successfully channelled the emotions and thoughts of the young boy who is struggling to make sense of a changed world.
  • Posted on: 13/05/2021
    Year 4 have been composing ideas for their non-chronological reports today. They focused on key features used and began to generate their own ideas using fronted adverbials. We can’t wait to see their outcomes!
  • Posted on: 12/05/2021
    Year 1 have used their knowledge of arrays this week to work out division problems. We worked collaboratively and used concrete resources to create our arrays and then circled groups of the divisor. We showed the character skill of mindset as we were resilient. Great job year 1!