At Rockliffe Manor, we believe that primary education is the key to success.

Welcome to the Rockliffe Manor Primary School website where you will find relevant information about the school, policies, initiatives and news from around our school. Rockliffe Manor Primary School is a unique and diverse learning community that provides the best possible support in enabling pupils to achieve their potential. Pupils and staff are highly motivated and firmly believe in learning together in partnership with parents and carers.

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Latest Tweets

  • Posted on: 22/05/2019
    Year 5 have been exploring a moral dilemma from our core text using a conscious alley, having to justify their opinion
  • Posted on: 21/05/2019
    Year 4 have been thinking about sustainable food and have been designing ways we can ensure people in built up areas can access local produce. Some children have even gone further and designed their own sustainable city!
  • Posted on: 21/05/2019
    We are excited to announce three fantastic speakers who will join us for A Curriculum for Excellence and Equity on 29th June : . Places can be booked on Eventbrite. It is going to be a great day!
  • Posted on: 20/05/2019
    Rockliffe manor you rock! 🙌🏾🎉