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Rockliffe Manor Primary School

Year 3

This week, Year 3 have been making points, providing evidence and explaining reasons for why every child at school should have their own iPad, and debating whether children should wear school uniform or not! Year 3 had to debate in the style of the Houses of Parliament, while using Lego to ensure everyone gave a point and spoke equally, as well as   building on each other. In art, the children have been making Pharoah head dresses, and worked in groups to Papier Mache and add 'layers' to their art work. 

“I did a good job; my group's work looks great” Shiann 

“It’s weird to know they used to cover Pharoah’s with this because they were important”  Sophia

“I enjoyed using Lego to debate because it made me ensure I was building on my partners point, not just saying something random.” Liya

The children in Year 3 were hooked into their exciting new core text this week on a “fake or real” news activity based on their new book “The Accidental Prime Minister”. The children are already very excited by this humorous book and have made a range of predictions about what might happen. They also wrote some interesting things about what they would do if they were headteacher for a day! In maths,  the children have been learning about the difference between unit and non-unit fractions and explaining how they know.

‘If I was headteacher for a day I would give children longer playtimes and provide a take away once a month for a treat because the children work hard and they deserve it.’  Cairon

Year 3 have been exploring a range of poetry, considering styles, devices, features and different types of poems! They have considered word choice impact on the reader, as well as learning about the structure and features of a Haiku poem. They immersed themselves in some poetry performances and gave each other some peer feedback based on this. 

Year 3 have also been considering the real life uses of magnets in science including how they work in a roller coaster, train and fridges. They gathered as many real life examples as possible and discussed how not all metals are magnetic: just certain types of metal.

“I was shocked when I realised that different metals have different magnetism, this is why not all magnets work on all metals. I enjoyed this lesson a lot.” Liya 

“I noticed that Haiku poems are about nature - these make me feel really relaxed and calm.” Cairon