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Rockliffe Manor Primary School

Year 1

Year 1 have loved reading their new book in English; Dougal's Deep-Sea Diary. Last week, the class found a mysterious message in a bottle from Dougal asking Year 1 to join him in Atlantis. The class were so immersed, they quickly decided to write a letter of appeal to their adults asking them to let them go. The children wrote amazing outcomes and used many different persuasive techniques to make their point. 

Reggie H wrote 'Please let me go to Atlantis, I will tidy the whole house if you let me go!' 

Bessie also used the art of bribery and wrote 'If you let me go, I will read lots of    chapter books.' 

The children thought all about the amazing things they would see if they actually made the journey. Grace said that she would see 'beautiful and colourful mermaids and sparkly fish'. Ella invented her own animal and stated she would see a 'mercat', an animal many of the Year 1 class would want to meet! George wrote a beautiful sentence stating that he would find lots of gold coins to bring back to his family.   Meryem also wanted to bring something for her family only this time it was a shark in a tank ... good luck mum!




Year 1 this week have shown great collaboration skills. In English the children watched the film 'UP' which they are using as part of their learning journey. Meryem said, " I like 'UP' because in the film Carl broke his promise but he travelled the world to get Kevin back. I like Carl because he is a kind person and he is funny." 

In maths, the children have worked really hard to understand subtraction using number lines. 

Carlo explained that, "First you circle 18 on the number line and then count 3 steps back. Whatever the  number the number you land on, that is the answer." 

Additionally, it was lovely seeing so many parents during our reading morning!

Lastly, all children have shown excellent attitudes to their phonics learning and have made some great progress in their reading. Well done Year 1 and keep up the amazing effort!