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Rockliffe Manor Primary School



The children in Reception have been learning about living things in literacy and what they need to survive. During our research the children learnt that every living thing requires air, food and water to survive. The children then used the facts they have learnt to write some amazing sentences, using our sentence starter 'I need..'.

In maths this week, the children have enjoyed learning how to use the cherry model independently to split the whole number into parts. The children then used this model to complete addition problems, adding the two parts together to find the whole number.

Mateus said 'I will write for my sentence, I know that Elephants need food and water to survive'.

Jack said 'I know I need healthy food and lots of water to survive'.

Valentina said 'I can make 6 if I add 3+3 using the cherry model'.

Violet said 'I can make 4 using 1 and 3, when I add them together it will be 4'.