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Rockliffe Manor Primary School


At Rockliffe Manor, we aim to foster children’s curiosity and a love of languages which reflects our global curriculum based on knowledge and skills relevant for the 21st century. They will develop their language learning skills in order to be prepared for a rapidly changing world. Children will be exposed to a range of cultural experiences giving them an opportunity to understand the diverse world in which we live in, becoming all-round global citizens. These experiences will be continuously celebrated in order to enhance and support our pupils’ learning.

At Rockliffe Manor children will be introduced to French from KS2 where they will develop early language acquisition skills that facilitate the understanding of the patterns of the language. The teaching and learning of modern foreign languages encourages children to engage in a fun and interactive way, supporting the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Children’s French learning is deepened by broadening their vocabulary and engaging in conversations with their peers, giving the opportunity to practice and orally rehearse using familiar vocabulary.

We provide a high-quality provision of language teaching where we constantly monitor and evaluate the provision of French within the curriculum. We provide an appropriate balance of spoken and written language allowing our children to progress well in MFL. As a result, children are able to acquire French language skills from an early age and build a solid foundation for their secondary transition into KS3, becoming lifelong language learners.