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Rockliffe Manor Primary School

Feedback from the Community

 'We were able to visit Rockliffe on separate occasions and were both so impressed at how different the school came across in comparison to others we'd looked at. The intimate size of the school, ethos 'never give up' message and emphasis on a knowledge of the wider world, our place in it and responsibility to it really struck a chord. The wall displays were immaculate, diverse, and showed a great pride in the work that the children were producing. We loved the videos produced by the EYFS Leader and both felt Rockliffe would provide an excellent foundation to our sons learning.'

Prospective Reception Parent

"Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the way you have acknowledged and taught the children about everything going on at the moment and really getting them to think about what BLM means.
My children are so lucky to be at Rockliffe Manor where children constantly have the opportunities to question and discuss real life problems.
Thank you! Yet again, you have got it so right!"

Parent of children in Y3 and Y6

"Year 2 children have visited the home twice now and this has brought so much happiness to residents, relatives and staff. I just wanted to relay my gratitude to you all. The children and staff were all fantastic and we would always welcome more visits whenever you want to return and have time."

Manager, Puddingstone Grange

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for last Wednesday. It was wonderful to be able to film in your school, and really great to see the way that your students engaged with Usifu and his storytelling. Thank you so much for making [this] possible."

Visiting storyteller and his film crew

"All was very helpful and informative. Thank you for making the information so 'digestible' and fun for a parent."

"Very useful new skills learned to support our kids. Presentation was good and very clear."

"Very informative and enjoyable, has given me lots of ideas for how to help my child at home."

Parents who attended our 'Times Tables and Arithmetic Home Learning' parent workshop

"I am just writing a quick note to say thank you for accepting (our child) into your school and making her feel so welcome. (Our child) has settled in remarkably well, made some new friends and continues to learn new and exciting things at a steady pace. I and my partner are overwhelmed by the friendliness shown by teachers, helpers and other members of staff and their commitment to providing a suitable learning environment."

Guardian of child who recently joined Rockliffe

"Really lovely to meet those children within the JLT. They described their roles wonderfully and clearly feel a valuable part of the school. I can see from the children's books and publishing that Rockliffe has been working hard to raise the profile and passion for reading amongst pupils. Some of the work read to me was fantastic and clearly shows how reading has inspired some wonderful written work throughout the school."


"Thank you for organising for us to visit the EYFS provision at Rockliffe... I found it so useful to look around the Nursery and Reception classes, plus the outdoor area and have come away with lots of ideas for improving our own provision.

I know that everyone is extremely busy, so to make time for these visits and discussions has been very much appreciated."

EYFS leader at Maundene Primary

"Excellent idea to incorporate the parents into the school community and to be allowed to be a part of my childs school life as normally they tend to leave you out of 'their' world. Very rewarding for both child and parent.
Quality time spent."

Year 3 parent who came to the Parent Reading Open Morning.

"We would like to thank all staff at Rockliffe for all their support over the years with (our child). Thank you all for your co-operation and patience even in the most difficult times. You will all be greatly missed. The team effort is very much appreciated and we will continue to let (our child) know about all the love he was shown and all the hard work put in by all members of staff who worked closely with (them). We all wish the school the very best for the future and will keep in touch."

Family of Year 3 child who moved on from Rockliffe Manor

"Firstly I'd like to thank you very much for the kind and lovely surprise letters I received with regards to (my children's) behaviour. I am over the moon and am so proud of my children. I feel a sense of pride and enjoyment! As a mother I wish for my children to follow great paths and grow into kind and respectful adults.The 'Rockliffe Manor family' have given them a great start in helping them to achieve this.Thank you again and I've had great pleasure in sharing the good news with (my children)."

Parent of children in Years 2 & 3

"Teachers from Rockliffe Manor have booked various class visit sessions to the Slade Library. It is very encouraging. The children are very attentive, inquisitive, ready to learn and well behaved. The emphasis on reading cannot be overemphasized in this day and age and building such a wonderful relationship between the school and the Libraries gives the children a good head start."

Library Manager - Slade Centre Library

"The behaviour in this school is amazing! The children are the best behaved and we have so much fun."

After school and lunchtime club coach

"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of my daughters teachers for all the support they offered her. I feel that she was educated in a safe, supportive and including environment, as well as a friendly atmosphere. She made a lot of progress since attending Rockliffe Manor in both academical and personal fields and I feel proud to say that my daughter attended such a wonderful school."

Y6 Parent

"It is so good to see how the children are taught in class. The children are all so very well behaved and keen to learn. I'm proud of Rockliffe Manor. Well done teachers."

Y4 parent who attended our Maths Open Morning during Maths Week

"Really lovely to be able to be a 'fly on the wall' for a few moments. Children were very happy to interact confidently and explain and share their maths knowledge. Great thing to do to link with parents - keep it going."

Reception parent who attended our Maths Open Morning during Maths Week

"I really enjoyed the assembly. The children are all wonderful and very well behaved. You should be proud of them and yourselves for creating a great school.

It has been one of the best audiences with some of the best questions. After I was asked whether I now want to be a teacher but sadly the answer is still no as I do not think I'd ever do the great job that you all do with our children! So hats off to you and the staff."

Parent of Y4 child who led a whole school assembly for Maths Week

"The children were awsome and very attentive, the teacher took time to ask the children questions. My son is learning fast - the school is the best."

Parent who attended our Phonics and Spelling Open Morning

"I found the phonics and spelling session very interesting. The children were so good in answering every question that was put to them. The teachers were amazing and very friendly. I hope there will be more of these."

Parent who attended our Phonics and Spelling Open Morning

“Thank you so much for the letter. I am absolutely over the moon and really pleased that my child is developing so well and growing up to be a very special individual. I am amazed by his achievements and focus.

Thank you for recognising our hard work as well. I am so pleased I chose Rockliffe Manor as the beginning of my child’s journey. I am always pleased with the work he does and brings home, the teachers are exceptional. I love the enthusiasm they add to everything from homework to class assembly. They are always open and welcoming and willing to listen and that makes such a difference. Thank you for all the effort and help Rockliffe Manor Primary School. YOU ROCK!!!!”


“You and your staff have turned the school into a welcoming, happy and fun place to be. My child is doing so well in every area and absolutely loves coming to school. I am a massive fan of Rockliffe Manor and all that you all do. Thank you once again.”


“I felt I must write and say how much I and my family enjoyed Saturday’s fete.  I know organising an occasion like this takes a fantastic amount of commitment, energy and coordination, so congratulations to all the staff and parents involved in getting it just right.  There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere, and it was a pleasure to see it so well attended.  Well done and thank you!”


“Thank-you for arranging for year 6 to come and visit Plumstead Manor for their transition session.  It was a real pleasure to meet and work with these students.   I have been really impressed with all the year 6 classes this year but I must pass on special praise to the class from Rockliffe Manor.  The lesson is all about looking forward to secondary school and being responsible, mature and independent.  I changed the lesson content shortly after meeting your class as they were so obviously already very mature and almost expert at negotiation. It was impressive to meet a group of young people who have such a positive attitude to the world around them and to each other.”

Community Liaison Manager, Plumstead Manor School.

“We really enjoy coming in, the children are good fun and very well behaved.”

Wes McNabb and Andy Laws from Plumstead Common Evangelical Church 

“Rockliffe Manor reflects the enjoyment of learning that the children clearly experience and the drive to ensure they achieve their best. Every class had an atmosphere of calm and purpose and your staff team were working extremely hard.”

Headteacher, Lessness Heath Primary School, Bexley

“Thank you to all the staff for their warm welcome. I was captivated by the quality of the displays; colourful,curriculum relevant and often in 3 dimensions,they give a strong message about pupils engagement in delivering high quality work and their enjoyment of learning.”

Martyn Jordan, Registered Consultant with the National College for School Leadership, Insitute of Education London

“I was struck by the calm yet purposeful environment around the school. Children were busy and engaged in their learning. They appeared confident, articulate, impeccably behaved and most of all happy! Class areas were vibrant with children’s work displayed beautifully (celebratory walls) with high quality writing evident from FS to Y6 with creative links across the curriculum. Children clearly take pride in their work at RM. The positive ethos created by the headteacher and supported by the staff permeates all aspects of life at Rockliffe Manor. A very special school!”

Deputy Headteacher, Nightingale Primary School

“I went with Year 1 and Year 2 to Winns Common yesterday. The children all behaved so well and it was a pleasure to accompany them. They were all so excited as you can imagine – even though we weren’t going far – but understood the rules which had been explained to them and knew exactly what was expected of them away from the school premises. I definitely hope to be invited to go out with them again.”


“It was a joy to walk around all the classes and see the children so focused  enjoying their learning and willing to talk about it. The standard of writing in EYFS is so good – no wonder there is such quality in the later key stages with the potential for even better.

Please thank the children for learning so well, despite interruptions they remained on task and clearly enjoyed their lesson.”

Head of Early Years Foundation Stage, Greenwich

“I would like to thank you all for the way that you have taught my son and being great supportive staff, he has enjoyed his time here and we will miss you all very much.”


“It has been a pleasure driving this school to and from Swanage, very well behaved children. I do this journey many times a year and this has to be the best school I have taken.”

Coach Driver

“Just wanted to congratulate the children and staff on the wonderful displays the children have worked hard.”


“I had a fantastic day here! The children listened attentively to my stories and responded very well. This is a lovely school, you are all lucky to be here.”

Visiting Story Teller