At Rockliffe Manor, we believe that primary education is the key to success.

Welcome to the Rockliffe Manor Primary School website where you will find relevant information about the school, policies, initiatives and news from around our school. Rockliffe Manor Primary School is a unique and diverse learning community that provides the best possible support in enabling pupils to achieve their potential. Pupils and staff are highly motivated and firmly believe in learning together in partnership with parents and carers.

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Latest Tweets

  • Posted on: 18/01/2019
    In English, Reception were discussing which rights were most important. "Having a home is the most important because it keeps us safe" "we need food and water to stay alive"
  • Posted on: 18/01/2019
    We have been testing which things float and sink this week in Reception. There have been some great predictions!
  • Posted on: 17/01/2019
    Today for lunch we had....Bangerz and Mash! 🎶🍽🎵 The children loved making requests and eating to their favorite songs.
  • Posted on: 17/01/2019
    The children enjoyed their first session of ‘Talking tails’ this week. They had a chance to meet a variety of animals such as a ferret and a rabbit, they showed our value of kindness and responsibility.