Home-School Relationships

  • 99% feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions, a problem or complaint
  • 98% think the school meets their child's particular needs.


The Learning Experience

  • 96% think child/children is/are making good progress at this school.
  • 97% think their child/children is/are taught well at this school.
  • 99% think staff expect their child/children to work hard and do their best.
  • 96% think staff encourage their child/children to become mature and independent.
  • 97% think there is a good range of activities that my child/children find(s) interesting and enjoyable.


Making a Contribution

  • 97% think the school gives their child opportunities to make positive contributions to their class/group or school.
  • 97% think the school ensures the pupils are well behaved.
  • 100% think the school helps my child/children to develop positive relationships with teachers and other pupils.
  • 100% think their child/children is/are praised when he/she works hard or behaves well.
  • 99% think the school teaches their child to respect people from different backgrounds, races, religions, etc.



  • 99% think their child/children feel(s) safe at this school.
  • 94% think the school encourages and helps their child/children to eat and drink healthy things.
  • 93% think the school actively promotes equality of opportunity for all.


The Summary School Experience

  • 100% think their child/children is/are happy at this school.
  • 98% think the school is well led and well managed.
  • 96% would recommend this school to another parent.


Next Steps:

  • As strongly agree/agree were the answers given to many of the questions, we looked at the question with the highest number of ‘don’t know’ answers and these appeared to be linked to ‘the school gives my child opportunities to make positive contributions to the community outside school’ with 20% of parents responding that they didn’t know.  We recognise that we need to continue working on strengthening our community links and communicating this more with parents. This year we identified this as an area of focus and we have organised the following: ensuring whole school assemblies involve visiting speakers from the local community including parents, performing musical events at Puddingstone Grange-a local care home, we have established a relationship with the Friends of Rockliffe Gardens and will be working with them into the next academic year, we have forged a relationship with the local business Plumstead Pantry who have supported us in our healthy food and cookery initiatives, children have also been given the opportunity to  audition for a singing event, which led to children performing at Blackheath Concert Halls, we have been working hard to ensure children partake in borough sporting competitions and of course, there have been numerous cross school partnership events with Woodhill.


  • We will continue to look for opportunities for the children to positively contribute to the community both in and out of school, we also need to ensure that the things we are already doing are communicated on our website and Twitter regularly.