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Posted on: March 8th 2016

Year 3 French Cafe

Linked to our French lessons, and as their reward for earning 30 marbles as a class, the children in Year 3 took part in a French afternoon.  During the afternoon, the children took part in a great deal of activities which allowed them to find out more about France, as a country, but to also apply some of the conversational French phrases they had been learning during lesson time.

The afternoon began with the children piecing together pictures of famous French buildings. The children then went onto to researching about the Eiffel Tower. The children enjoyed sharing facts which they had learnt about the Eiffel Tower and tried to create quizzes for other children on the table to complete. The last part of the afternoon, and most definitely the most anticipated, was our French café. The children had a go at applying French phrases, which they had learnt during lesson time, to ordering food in a French. It was great to see so many children confidently ordering food and drink in French, from the adults in the class. All the children in Year 3 had a brilliant time and are looking forward to more French lessons this half term.


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