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Posted on: October 23rd 2020

Secondary School Application Deadline

The deadline of 31st October 2020 for Secondary School Applications is fast approaching. If your child is due to start secondary school in September 2021, you'll need to apply for a place as soon as possible.

 All schools in Royal Greenwich have a single point of entry for secondary schools. You can apply for schools in any area but if you live in the Royal Greenwich borough the application needs to be made through Royal Greenwich admissions.

For more information please visit the Royal Greenwich admissions website or see our Secondary Transfer Information Powerpoint presentation.

Please click here to view the Royal Greenwich Secondary School Admissions Booklet.

Please note the deadline for applications is Saturday 31st October 2020.

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Posted on: 24/11/2020

This is us!

As we couldn’t have our popular World Café this year, we are launching ‘This Is Us,’ a project designed to celebrate the wonderful diversity of our community. You will know that Rockliffe Manor is so special because it is made up of many different cultures, ethnicities and languages, and we feel that it is vital that children talk about and are proud of their identity. This project will be launched on Google Classroom and we invite every family to share something with us around their identity.  This could be: A video of your child or family saying hello/a phrase in a home language A video of story time in your home language A cultural dance A photo of your child in traditional dress A cookery video showing your child cooking up a favourite home recipe A photo/document of a recipe A photo of something that your child would like to share with the class that is important to them or a tradition in the family A video of your child or family member sharing a memory of the past or living in a different country A video explaining a religious or cultural festival the family celebrates These are just some ideas and you may have more! Once the class teacher receives these on Google Classroom, they will be shared as a class. It would also be lovely if we could then collate photos and videos from across the school to create one video that shows who we are as a school community. The deadline is Friday 11th December. Parent Google Classroom ‘How to’ Workshop Additionally, next Thursday 3rd December at 9.30am, Mr Bonhard, a parent and member of Friends of Rockliffe, has kindly offered to run a parent ‘how to’ Zoom workshop. During this video meeting, he will go through how to access Google Classroom and use it effectively. The Zoom link to this meeting will be text out to parents next week.