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Posted on: June 18th 2020

Rockliffe Manor - June Update

It has been just over two weeks since we began welcoming children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 back to school alongside their key worker children friends. We are excited to have so many children back at Rockliffe and have been taking part in many exciting things while adjusting to our 'new normal'. Year 1 have enjoyed spending time in the nature garden identifying plants and labelling their different parts, as have the key worker group who took part in some pond dipping, finding lots and lots of tadpoles and even a frog! Nursery have been practicing their ball skills in the basketball hoops in the BIG playground and have also spent time in the nature garden too. Reception have been creating story mountains in writing, working on recognising numbers in maths and have also created their own music band using different instruments. Year 6 have been busy applying their coding skills using Purple Mash and have also taken part in a 'change maker challenge' creating artwork for the residents at Puddingstone Grange care home. Our teachers have also continued to upload virtual lessons and assemblies, as well as many other interesting videos which we hope you are all enjoying. Head over to the Rockliffe Manor Youtube channel to check them out - and keep up with us on twitter too @RockliffeManor


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Posted on: 24/11/2020

This is us!

As we couldn’t have our popular World Café this year, we are launching ‘This Is Us,’ a project designed to celebrate the wonderful diversity of our community. You will know that Rockliffe Manor is so special because it is made up of many different cultures, ethnicities and languages, and we feel that it is vital that children talk about and are proud of their identity. This project will be launched on Google Classroom and we invite every family to share something with us around their identity.  This could be: A video of your child or family saying hello/a phrase in a home language A video of story time in your home language A cultural dance A photo of your child in traditional dress A cookery video showing your child cooking up a favourite home recipe A photo/document of a recipe A photo of something that your child would like to share with the class that is important to them or a tradition in the family A video of your child or family member sharing a memory of the past or living in a different country A video explaining a religious or cultural festival the family celebrates These are just some ideas and you may have more! Once the class teacher receives these on Google Classroom, they will be shared as a class. It would also be lovely if we could then collate photos and videos from across the school to create one video that shows who we are as a school community. The deadline is Friday 11th December. Parent Google Classroom ‘How to’ Workshop Additionally, next Thursday 3rd December at 9.30am, Mr Bonhard, a parent and member of Friends of Rockliffe, has kindly offered to run a parent ‘how to’ Zoom workshop. During this video meeting, he will go through how to access Google Classroom and use it effectively. The Zoom link to this meeting will be text out to parents next week.