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Posted on: May 20th 2016

Y6 Bikeability Workshop

This week the children in Year 6 have been on a Bikeability course.  

"We are learning how to cycle safely on the road. If we are going to make a turn, first you have to look behind you. Then, if you are turning left, put your left arm out for at least 3 seconds. Make sure you look behind you again to ensure it is safe before you make your turn." - Kubra.


"Before you cycle I have learnt to do the 'A,B,C,D' check:

A = Air - squeeze your tyres to make sure they are as solid as an apple.

B = Brakes - check your front and rear brakes work.

C = Chain - make sure it isn't rusty and it can do a full turn before you cycle.

D = Direction - stand in front of the bike, front tyre between your legs, making sure the handlebars don't move.

Also, make sure the seat is up to your hip before you ride. That is the right height for you." - Anais.


"We have learnt how to use our brakes and gears. Use gear 1 to go uphill and gear 6 to go downhill." - Megan.


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