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Y6, Y1, Y4 Posted on: 08/03/2016

Y6, Y1, Y4

Year 6 have been designing outfits for Capitol residents in The Hunger Games. First they learned how to draw a human figure in proportion. They then traced their designs of these drawings to make sure the outfits had the right proportions. Finally they painted them using watercolours. The children worked really hard and their art outcomes were fantastic. At the end of last half term the Early Years and Key Stage One children were treated to an exciting performance of Aladdin! Year One loved watching the show and were excellent audience members. The actors really got the children hooked by singing their favourite, well-known songs, making funny jokes and generally acting silly. They were also very good at getting the children involved, much to their enjoyment! “My favourite character was Aladdin because he was funny and strong” Bobby, Year 1 “I liked it when the genie was set free by Aladdin because it made me happy” Abigail, Year 1 We had some mysterious footprints in our classroom on Tuesday. We are examining them closely as we would like to know which bird or beast they belong to. They are very big -careful measuring revealed that they are 13 stones long! 2 and a half of our feet fit into one of theirs! We cannot wait to find this creature. During the last week of term, Year 3 and 4 visited the Hindu Mandir in Plumstead. We wanted to develop our knowledge of Hinduism further and answer any questions we had linked to Hindu worship. We enjoyed watching a typical morning service in the Mandir and learned about how and why Hindus worship. The children were given a talk by a member of the temple and were well behaved and respectful inside. “I felt surprised and relaxed inside the Hindu temple.” Celisha, Year 4. ‘I enjoyed drawing sketches inside the Mandir. I drew the Aum symbol and one of the Gods.” Toby, Year 4.

4 Blog Posts found