At Rockliffe Manor Primary School, we ensure that learning is planned for in a cross curricular way, this ensures that children are able to make links within their learning. Lessons challenge all pupils through a variety of activities, providing opportunities for feedback from adults and peers. Through high expectations of everyone at Rockliffe Manor we aspire to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Year 5

This term, Year 5 will be exploring the theme of Social Justice and Equity through their core text, ‘Boy In The Tower’ by Polly Ho-Yen. They will be using role play and freeze frames to explore the thoughts and feelings of the characters in the story. This story will also inspire us for our project learning where the children will be exploring the prominent issue of homelessness in our local and wider community.  We will be addressing our own assumptions about this issue and exploring why the issue is so prominent. We will then be raising awareness around the school by presenting our learning in an assembly.

Maths: Maths lessons this half term will focus on the children’s understanding of decimals. We will be exploring the value of decimals up to 3 decimal places, comparing and ordering decimals. We will also begin to explore the relationship between decimals and fractions using a range of visual tools to support our learning.  

Science: Our Science this half term will be taking place during STEAM fortnight, where the children will be exploring the Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger. We will be analysing the issue of food waste both in our school and globally around the world. The children will identify ways of reducing food waste and will be planning, designing and creating their own composting systems alongside the nursery children.

Art: In our art lessons the children will be exploring graffiti art, inspired by artists such as Banksy. They will use a range of materials to create a collage.  

Our author focus for this half term is Michael Morpurgo.

We will take part in guided reading every day. The children will work in groups, reading books at the right level for them. Each group will read once a week with Miss Lilley. We try to make sure it is on the same day each week but things can change, so it is important for children to have their book bags and reading record books at school every day.

Please click here to view the Curriculum Framework for Year 5.



This term, Year Six will be focusing on the theme of Social Injustice. We will be focusing our learning around the text ‘Stella By Starlight’ which is set in North Carolina during the 1930s. Alongside this, we will be looking at the Civil Rights Movement and ideas behind racism and discrimination. We will look at influential figures such as, Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks and Malcolm X. In English the children will be writing more fictional pieces with the final text being a first person narrative in role as Stella.

Maths:  This half term the children will be continuing to prepare for the SATs – we will be focusing on arithmetic and reasoning skills. We will revise all areas of mathematics and ensure the children feel confident in using all four operations and applying their knowledge to word problems and investigations.

Art: In our art lessons the children will be creating text and image pictures based on the work of Sam Cannon. This will be linked to our core text and curriculum work.

Science: This half term the children will continue to learn about Light. We will investigate how light travels and how our eyes and brains work together in order for us to be able to see.

PE:  This half term Year 6 will continue to go swimming on a Wednesday and have gymnastics on Friday afternoon.  

Our author focus this half term is Geraldine McCaughrean.

We will take part in guided reading every day as a whole class. The children will be further developing the essential skills they need in order to decode, retrieve and infer from a range of different texts.  

Please click here to view the Curriculum Framework for Year 6.