Year 3

Year 3’s learning this half term: This term, Year Three will be focusing on sustainable development, learning about the stone age and how humans lives in a sustainable society during that period. The children will discover and develop their understanding of this, through their core text for this half term ‘The Hunter’ by Paul Gerachty. This book is a thought-provoking book from the perspective of a small girl, who lives in Africa. It addresses the issues of hunting and the impact it has had on a small elephant she has come across. After immersing ourselves in this core text and exploring the themes within sustainable development, including the basics of cause and effect of climate change, we will aim to create a sustainable fashion show made with recyclable materials, alongside a campaign to make changes in society in order to reduce the effects of climate change. This is will be our project outcome where we will share all our successes in our learning achieved over the half term.

English: In English, the children will be exploring the characters of the story in ‘The Hunter’ through role-play. We will explore the stories use of vocabulary and language throughout, and aim to create a re-tell of the story by innovating our own version of the story using our knowledge and understanding developed across the term.  

Maths: Maths lessons this half term will focus on the children developing their understanding of place value of numbers to 1000, as well as adding and subtracting numbers in a variety of ways. Our maths learning journey consists on children becoming fluent mathematicians who can reason and apply their knowledge to different contexts.

Science: Our science topic this half term is, ‘Rocks’. The children will learn the different ways in which rocks can be classified and explore how rocks are formed by creating chocolate rocks. They will be able to classify rocks by their different properties. The children will also begin to explore how fossils are created and formed. 

Art: The children will be creating art through observational drawings and using shading techniques to create texture. They will be focusing on creating stone age drawings and sketches.

PE: Over the half term, the children will be developing their skills in gymnastics. They will work collaboratively to create a sequence of movements.


Year 4

Year 4’s learning this half term: During the Autumn term, the learning in Year 4 will be based around the global theme of ‘Peace and Conflict. Over the course of the term the children will be exploring Greek mythology through our core text ‘The Adventures Odysseus’. They will explore the characters and stories within the text and apply a range of figurative language, dialogue within their writing to create descriptive settings and character descriptions and identify features of Greek myths to create their own exciting Greek myth as a class this half term.

Curriculum: In our Global Curriculum Project, we will be exploring how peace and conflict was viewed and addressed in Ancient Greece. As debate was a crucial tool used by poorer sections of society in ancient Greece to dispute living conditions, we will study the concept of activism and that protests have in society

Maths: In Maths, we will be focusing on ‘place value’ where we will identify the value of numbers up to 4-digits and also rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We will also be looking at Fractions where we will revisit learning from Year 3 which includes recognising a unit and non-unit fraction, using a number line and fraction wall to find equivalent fractions and comparing and ordering fractions. We will continue to review our learning of the 3,4 and 8 times tables.

Science: In Science, we will be learning all about ‘States of Matter’. What is the difference between a solid, liquid and gas? How does something change state? These are all questions we will explore in this exciting topic to improve our understanding. Additionally, we will be focussing on our working scientifically skills and carry out an investigation where we change the state of many different objects.

Art: In Art the children will be learning how to create their own Greek mosaics using a range of mediums.

PE: In PE, the children will be practising their fundamental movement skills and multisports.

RSE: In RSE, the children will be exploring the importance of online safety and how to manage relationships with peers and family members.