At Rockliffe Manor Primary School, we ensure that learning is planned for in a cross curricular way, this ensures that children are able to make links within their learning. Lessons challenge all pupils through a variety of activities, providing opportunities for feedback from adults and peers. Through high expectations of everyone at Rockliffe Manor we aspire to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Year 3

This term, Year 3 will be focusing on Sustainable Development. The children will explore through their core text for this half term ‘Will We Miss Them?’, exploring the dangers that animals face which lead to them becoming endangered. This great book is about endangered species around the world, exploring why they have become endangered. As part of learning, we will be developing our history and geography skills by describing the structure of Africa as a continent and reflecting on human’s impact on the animals around the world. The outcome for this project is to create African-style print scarves to sell and raise money for a wildlife charity.

English: In English, the children will be further inspired by our core text to write a persuasive letter to convince a retailer to stop selling animal products. We will use a range of facts and statistics to persuade the retailer and use a variety of persuasive devices.

Maths: In this half term, the children will be learning about the place value of numbers as well as addition and subtraction. The children will learn to represent numbers in different ways using concrete materials. They will also be finding 10 and 100 more/less than 2 and 3 digit numbers. They will begin to apply their reasoning skills to error spot and justify their answers.

PE: The children will be developing the skills needed for a game of tag rugby. They will explore how to pass and catch with accuracy and the different rules associated with a game of tag rugby. They will also be taking part in gymnastics sessions, building on the previous skills learnt.

Art: Year 3 are going to explore different patterns from around the world. They will begin researching a range of patterns to inspire their ideas when they begin to create their own scarves. They will use a variety of different medias such as laptops, books, magazines as inspiration. They will then use this to create a mood board of the different prints they like which they will create using watercolour onto a canvas.

Science: Year 3 are learning all about the human body. They will begin by exploring the human skeleton, identifying the names of bones. They will also be identifying how we keep our bodies healthy and what a balanced diet looks like. Alongside this, the children will expore the importance of different organs such as the lungs, discussing why they are important and what their role in our bodies is.

RE: This half term we will be learning about key beliefs held by Muslims. They will discuss the importance of the Quran and describe how Muslims worship.

We will do whole class reading every day. The children will work in groups, reading books at the right level for them. Each group will read once a week with the class teacher.

The children will change their home reading books on a given day. Children will choose a book that they are able to take home to read.

Please try to read with your child every day at home for ten minutes. Please feel free to give feedback about how they got on. We appreciate all parental feedback.

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Year 4

This term, Year 4 will be focusing on Peace and Conflict and how people can overcome conflict and the effect it can have on people. They will explore these themes through their core text for this half term, ‘A Child’s Garden’. This great book tells the story of a young boy who finds a small plant that brings him hope, even when his world seems bleak. The children will be writing informal letters and non-chronological reports. Children will be exploring the impact of war, particularly upon refugees.

Curriculum: Through our Curriculum learning we will explore the civil war in Sierra Leone and the impact it’s had on the people of Sierra Leone, comparing it to current and past conflict across the globe and the significance they’ve had on the democracy. Also, the children will be looking at the locality and how it’s changed over time with reference to physical and human features. As part of our DT and computing learning, the children will be designing and creating a keyring which they are going to sell at a stall for parents to raise money for EduAid (Sierra Leone) Charity.

Maths:  Maths lessons this half term will begin by consolidating the children’s place value knowledge, this involves them partitioning, comparing and ordering numbers. The children will also be covering rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

Art: In our Art lessons we will be contrasting bright, natural colours against dark barbed wire as represented in our core text ‘A Child’s Garden’.

RE: We will be learning about Islam this half term in our RE lessons, exploring the different artefacts and learning about the five pillars.

Science: In our Science lessons this half term the children will be exploring states of matter. They will sort objects into solids, liquids and gases and investigate the changes and effect different temperatures have on the state of particular objects.

SRE: Year 4 will be learning how to recognise and challenge stereotypes understanding that every family is different with different family members.

Computing: Computing will be linked with this terms curriculum where the children will be using mirroring and algorithm techniques to design and create a key ring.

PE: In PE this term the children will be learning to throw and catch with control when under limited pressure to keep possession and score goals in Football and Basketball.

French: During our French lessons, we will start the term by building up our vocabulary learning about the body parts and beginning to describe appearances. We will then go on to being able to have short conversations describing people.

We will do whole class reading every day. The children will work on a range of reading skills and strategies including inference.

The children will change their home reading books when they have finished. They can choose a book from home to read or take a book from the book corner. It is important that the children try to choose books that stretch them and help to improve their vocabulary.

Please try to read with your child every day at home for 10 minutes. Please give feedback about how they got on, or the difficulty level of reading book so we can constantly track progress. We appreciate all parental feedback.

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