Curriculum-global theme overview, including English outcomes: As children begin their journey in Nursery, they will explore their similarities and differences, and how diversity is something to be celebrated through the text, My World, Your World by Melanie Walsh. We will learn about our School’s Character Skills and use these skills to support our learning around how to treat others in our school community. 

Physical, Social and Emotional Development: We will be meeting the other members of our class and sharing information about ourselves. We will be learning about the behaviour expectations at school.

Communication and Language: We will be learning to listen carefully and share our knowledge, experiences and ideas with others. We will talk about what makes us special and practise saying our names and asking others their name.

Physical Development: We will be developing our physical skills through play. We will develop our fine motor control by using tools such as scissors, tweezers and pens to practise little movements. We will be using our bodies to move around outside, through activities such as climbing to develop our gross motor control.

Literacy: We will enjoy a range of books about people from different communities. As a class we will discuss how we are similar and different. We will begin to recognise our name and listen carefully to sounds in the environment as part of our phonics learning.

Maths: We will be learning to count to five using objects and rhymes and talking about which numbers are special to us, such as our door number or age.

Understanding the World: We will be exploring the world around us through our core text and learning about our Nursery community. We will be sharing what’s important to us and talking about our likes and dislikes.

Expressive Arts and Design: We will be looking carefully at our faces and bodies and creating self-portraits to share our knowledge. We will be celebrating what makes each of us special.

Reading: Children will have the option to choose a reading book daily. They can then swap these as they wish.



Reception’s learning this half term: This term, Reception will be focusing on Identity and Diversity as they immerse themselves in a new year, and for some, a new school and experience. Through their core text, ‘All are welcome’ by Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufman, the children will learn how to talk about themselves and others. They will explore the similarities and differences between the children in their class and the world around them. The book is about children all over the world, their everyday lives, and how even though they may not look the same, inside they are alike. From this the children will be discussing what makes them special, and talking about what they have learnt about their new friends.

Curriculum: Through our Curriculum learning we will be thinking about how we can build relationships with the people in our school community, and how to ask questions to learn about each other. We will be developing our friendship and collaboration skills through learning about the languages we speak, and tasting the food we eat, all the while building good relationships with our peers.

Science: In Reception, the children’s Science learning is through the area of Understanding the World. We will be discussing changes in the seasons and what this looks and feels like, and we will be using a variety of technology to record our learning, such as iPads, recording equipment and talking tins. We will even be learning how to programme a computer using basic algorithms through the use of Beebots.

Maths: Maths activities this half term will focus on shape and place value. We will be ensuring the children have a deep understanding of shape and size through a series of sorting activities, and identifying their properties. The children will then move onto understanding the value of numbers 1-10, and how to recognise amounts, before moving on to addition with single digit numbers.

PE: The children’s physical skills are developed daily in the outdoor provision, with accessibility to climbing frames, bikes and scooters, and other activities to enhance their gross and fine motor skills.

Art: As part of the theme of identity and diversity, the children will be using their knowledge of shape to create sculptures of the different types of houses we live in. The models will be decorated taking inspiration from the artist Hundertwasser. They will develop their imaginative skills as they role play different cultural stories, draw self-portraits and learn new songs.

RE: In line of our theme of Identity and Diversity, we will look at how people show their faiths and the ceremonies conducted to welcome children into their religions.

Continuous Provision: Our indoor and outdoor continuous provision is tailored to the needs and interests of the children. Each station is designed to inspire in-depth learning through play, where children are free to enhance and develop their learning and skills as they wish.

Reading: The children have access to high quality reading books every day, which they can access independently.

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