At Rockliffe Manor Primary School, we believe that learning is most memorable for children when it is planned in a cross-curricular way, taking on board their interests and therefore, enabling children to make links throughout their learning. We always ensure our activities include challenges for all learners, opportunities for children to develop through play and real life experiences with lots of interaction from adults and peers. We have high expectations of both staff and pupils and always strive to achieve outstanding outcomes.


Throughout the Spring term, Nursery’s global theme will be ‘Sustainable Development’ and our project outcome will be to develop a growing area within the Nursery for flowers and vegetables. In Spring 1, there will be a focus on ‘The Magic of Growing’, looking at the life cycles of seeds and exploring what plants need to grow, using the book ‘The Tiny Seed’ to support our learning. We will be taking a trip to a local farm to investigate plants in the garden and trees in the woodland. There will also be opportunities for the children to plant a variety of different plants, flowers and vegetables over the course of the term.

Science: As well as learning about pollination, growth and seed dispersal, we will be using our core text to look at the different seasons and explore growing at different times of the year.

Maths: Maths activities this half term will continue to focus on counting and number recognition to 10, and matching a number to an amount using props, objects and Numicon. We will also be looking at comparing groups of objects, recognising when two groups have the same or recognising that if you group 3 or 4 objects in different ways the total still stays the same. Towards the end of the half term we will focus on shape, space and measure including length, and recognising and naming 2D and 3D shapes.

Art: As part of the theme of Sustainable Development, we will be using seeds to create collages inspired by the art work in the core text, doing observational drawings of flowers and drawing the different stages of the growing cycle.

RE: This half term we will look at the story of the Chinese New Year and discuss how and why they celebrate this event. We will use this to aid our own discussions of how we celebrate with our own families. 

UTW/ Role play area: This half term the role play area will be turned into a garden centre, complete with plants, flowers, gardening tools, seeds and soil. The children will have the opportunity to role play buying and selling various plants and put their gardening skills to the test! They will be able to develop their understanding of plant growth and expand on their communication and language skills by engaging in the role play area.

Parents and carers can support their children’s learning at home through daily reading. This will enable children to further develop their vocabulary and communication skills. We will be continuing our ‘Parent Reading Morning' every Thursday morning; you are very welcome to come into Nursery and spend some time at the start of the day reading with your child each week. 

If you would like to discuss more about how you can help your child at home, please see your child's class teacher.



Our topic for the Spring term is ‘Choices and Voices’. We will be reading a range of books relating to human rights at a Reception appropriate level such as, ‘I Have the Right to be a Child’ by Alain Serress. We will be discussing what Human Rights mean, and how some children around the world do not have access to these human rights. We will then discuss what we can do to become change makers in the world to ensure everyone has access to their rights. We started off our topic by saying some people had to tidy whilst other’s played games. Immediately the class said, ‘That’s not fair, we should all play!’ What a considerate class!

Curriculum: Through our Curriculum learning we will be thinking about the different ways we can help one another both in school, and in the wider world, and who is around to help us when it is needed. Linking from our topic last half term, we will be discussing how access to our human rights helps bring equality to everyone.

Science: In Reception, the children’s Science learning is through the area of Understanding the World. We will be discussing scientific theories such as floating and sinking, dissolving and changes to objects in their environment.

Maths: Maths activities this half term will focus on learning about 3D shapes, position and pattern. We will end the term memorising our number bonds, a skill which is essential for your child’s mathematical development as they progress through the school.

PE: The children’s physical skills are developed daily in the outdoor provision, with accessibility to climbing frames, bikes and scooters, and other activities to enhance their gross and fine motor skills.

Music: Children will have music lessons once a week where they will learn a variety of nursery rhymes, and gain the confidence to sing a range of songs, in a variety of ways.

Art: As part of the theme of Identity and Diversity, the children will be using the core text to inspire drawings of the different landscapes and animals they want to protect.

RE: In line with our theme of Identity and Diversity, we will look at how people show their faiths and the ceremonies conducted to welcome children into their religions. Throughout the term, children will listen to stories and take part in activities related to the wide range of religions in class.

RSE: Children will begin their relationships education lessons this half term. They will begin by exploring their rights as a child, and creating ground rules for carpet sessions. We will discuss our feelings, along with how their actions can affect others, and who to go to when they need help.

Enjoying books with your child will help to develop their learning in phonics as well as communication and language skills, so please do try and read regularly with your child. We will be continuing our ‘Parent Reading Morning’ every Thursday, which is an opportunity to come in to Reception and read with your child.

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