Rockliffe Manor was last inspected by Ofsted in September 2013. An excerpt from the report below, highlights the continual improvements we make to ensure that the school provides a balanced environment for pupils to thrive:

“The strong and effective leadership of the headteacher, ably supported by the deputy headteacher and dedicated staff, have successfully created a happy, vibrant and welcoming school that is well attended by pupils.”

“Teachers have good subject knowledge which helps to deepen pupils’ understanding in that area.”

“Teachers’ high expectations and keeping lessons at a good pace enable pupils to enjoy learning and sustain their concentration for a long period of time.”

“Pupils have good attitudes to all aspects of their learning. They work well independently, in pairs and small groups and are able to support each other well.”

“Pupils feel safe and say that they have confidence in all the adults to sort out any issues.”

“Pupils say: ‘This school is like being at home. We are one big happy family.’”

“The curriculum is adapted to the different needs and interests of the pupils and most of the skills taught are centred on a book. Pupils are consulted when choosing and planning the text. They also enjoy themed weeks such as the diversity week.”

“The curriculum effectively contributes well to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding through lunchtime family groups, after-school club activities and assemblies.”

Please click here to view our latest Ofsted report from September 2013