Rockliffe Manor was last inspected by Ofsted in December 2019. Excerpts from the report below highlight the continual improvements we make to ensure that the school provides a balanced environment for pupils to thrive.
Staff know pupils very well. Pupils report that they are well cared for at the school. They explained to me how the school helps them to keep safe.
Pupils look forward to coming to the school every day. They work hard in lessons. This is because staff have high expectations of all pupils...Pupils enjoy their learning and described it as ‘exciting’.
Pupils’ behaviour is very positive in lessons and at playtimes. Pupils are polite and eager to talk about their school. They are enthusiastic and confident learners. Pupils learn a lot about their rights and responsibilities and how to be a good citizen.
Parents and carers told me that the school is ‘more like a family’ and is at the heart of their community.
Leaders ensure that what pupils learn in every subject is well planned and ambitious. Pupils told me that teachers make learning exciting. They said that poor behaviour almost never disturbs their lessons. Throughout the school, including in the early years, pupils have positive attitudes to learning and want to do well.
Reading is a strength of the school and has high priority. The teaching of phonics is carefully planned so that pupils quickly learn to read. Teachers have high expectations and are well trained. New teachers get support so that they can teach phonics accurately.
Mathematics is also a strength. Teachers’ planning ensures that pupils learn well during their time at the school. Pupils develop their confidence and skills in problem solving and mathematical enquiry.
Pupils of all ages love their learning in geography. The geography curriculum is ambitious and makes links to other areas of learning.
Pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) receive excellent support. Teachers ensure that pupils who have SEND learn the same wide range of subjects as other pupils.
Leaders invest in professional development for all staff. Teachers appreciate the care leaders take to ensure a healthy work–life balance. In return, teachers work hard and do their best for all pupils.
Throughout the school, staff provide a range of activities that enrich pupils’ learning and personal development. Leaders make full use of the local area and plan a range of visits to museums, art galleries and concerts for all pupils. Pupils have a variety of extra- curricular clubs that they can attend.
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