What is Challenge Partners?
Challenge Partners is a practitioner-led education charity that enables collaboration between schools to enhance the life chances of all children in an ever-changing world
Challenge Partners offer a range of programmes. Each of them based on collaborative approach and aim to tackle specific issues. They are grounded on the evidence of what works, regular feedback and quality assurance, and collective learning.
The Network of Excellence
The Challenge Partners 'Network of Excellence' is a collaborative network of over 350 schools nationally, organised into regional hubs, through which bespoke programmes that enable all schools to improve are delivered. Schools in the Network of Excellence take part in annual QA reviews and are supported to find collaborative solutions to challenges they are facing. The QA Review is an externally validated professionally-led peer review model focused on teaching and learning.
Rockliffe Manor recently took part in a QA review from Challenge Partners
In March 2021,  Rockliffe Manor was asessed by a team of external reviewers from Challenge Partners, a group that we will invite in every year to carry out a collaborative peer to peer review of our school. Our group of 3 reviewers were made up of an Ofsted Inspector, and two senior leaders from schools based all over the country.
We are absolutely delighted to report that after two vigorous days of observations across all subjects, and reviewing our data outcomes results, self-evaluation and School Improvement Plan, our visitors confirmed our belief that Rockliffe Manor is a ‘Leading’ school.
We are looking forward to welcoming Challenge Partners back soon.
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