5th May 2017

Year 5 Stick Insects

 "We have the stick insects in our class because we are learning about life cycles. We will be able to see the stick insects hatch from their eggs then grow and transform into adults. Stick insect eggs take 3/4 months to hatch and ours will be hatching in about a week. We won’t be able to tell which are males and females yet until they are adults, females are much fatter than males and they also can’t fly as well as the male insects. Females also live longer too, they live for about a year and the males will only live for around 3 months."

George F, Zion, Maryam and David

26th April 2017

Year 2 Trip - Rochester Castle

"We got to go into the dungeon and it was really fun! We also went to the very top of the castle and into the circle tower where we learnt about King John."


21st April 2017

New Core Text

"Our new story is the Three Billy Goats Gruff. The troll wants to eat the goats and we saw the Troll in our garden! I liked wearing the masks and my favourite character is the baby goat."

River, Reception 

31st March 2017

Autism Awareness Week - ASD Workshop

"I enjoyed learning about how it feels to be autistic. I learnt that it can be hard to find friends. I also learnt that you shouldn't judge people by how they look."

Shelby, Year 4 

24th March 2017

Year 6 Bikeability Training

"I really enjoyed Bikeability. Learning about how to keep safe during cycling on the road. The teachers, Claire and Mikael, were very helpful during tricky situations and boosted our confidence on the road and our riding in general. We felt very fortunate to have two very nice people/experts in their own area, to guide us through the course."

Mia and the rest of Year 6 

16th March 2017

Key Steps Gymnastics Competition @ Thomas Tallis

“We learnt the routines that coach Stephanie taught us and then performed them at the competition. We also did vaults too. The competition was really fun and interesting and I really enjoyed it. Our team came second!”


10th March 2017

 Year 4 Dodgeball Tournament @ Foxfield Primary

The Dodgeball competition was really fun! First we had to play friendly matches and then we played the proper matches against the other schools. We came second in the competition but it was really close between us and the first place team.  We showed great teamwork and are really proud of ourselves!

Bethany and Mia

 8th March 2017

Year 5 Trip  - Matilda the Musical

"Our trip to see Matilda was really good! She is only young but is so clever! What I learnt from this story is not to blame things on others, like Miss Truchbull does on Matilda."


3rd March 2017

Book Week

"I really enjoyed Book Week because I really enjoy reading. My favourite part was when the author came to our class and helped us to create our own characters for a story. It was also really fun to dress up on world Book Day - I came as Harry Potter."

Emmanuel, Year 4

24th February 2017

The Daily Mile

"When we started 'The Daily Mile' at the beginning of this week I was getting worn out easily and found it hard to do the mile in the 15 minutes. Since then it has gotten easier and I can keep running for longer than before. I am able to do the mile now and even further! It is really fun and you get to spend time with your friends."

Taylor, Year 6

3rd February 2017

Year 4 Equality and Diversity Seminar @ Charlton Athletic

 “There were four schools at the seminar and we all had to meet and get to know each other. At first we were a bit nervous and shy. The three ladies there spoke to us about equality and diversity and we all played games together with the other schools. We played one where we had to look at pictures of people and guess who they are and what they do. This game taught us not to judge people by their appearance. We also got to meet some past and present footballers and ask them questions. They spoke to us about working hard and always trying your best. After the seminar we got to have a tour of the stadium which was really fun! We got to visit the home and away dressing rooms and dugouts, meet the Charlton mascots and go on the pitch. We all had a great day.”

Libby, Harnaam, Viktoria and Eduard

13th January 2017

JLT Learning Walk

"I really enjoyed it! It was a unique experience because I have never done anything like this before."

Charlie, Year 5

16th December 2016

Year 3 Benchball Tournament @ Woodhill Primary

“It was a bit scary at first because we were playing against bigger kids. We played 5 games and we won all of them! I was really happy. It was so exciting to go to Woodhill because I have never been there before.”


6th December 2016

Reception Trip - Woodlands Farm

"We went to the farm and saw sheep, cows, pigs, chicken and guinea pigs. My favourite animal we saw were the guinea pigs and we got to stroke them."


5th December 2016

Young Shakespeare Company Performance Twelfth Night

"The people were really nice and really funny. They were very good actors"

Isabella, Year 5 

1st December 2016

Year 5 Athletics Competition @ Eltham Hill

"Even though it was tiring, it was really fun! I liked doing the different activities and the people we met there were really nice."