Arts & Crafts

This club is run by Mrs Hepper who runs her own arts and crafts business. Children have fun learning how to develop their creative skills by exploring different techniques and mediums of art leading to them creating their own masterpieces. All resources are included in these sessions.


This club will be run by our  Sports, Health and Wellbeing leader Mr Baker. He specialises in many sports regularly works with the children during PE lessons and at break times. Children will get to try out a variety of different sports during these sessions which will help children to improve their fitness, coordination and team work skills.

Martial Arts

This club is run by an experienced black belt coach from Pyramid Martial Arts. Children will learn a variety of martial arts skills, and a black belt attitude which will help them reach any goal they set their minds to. Classes are taught in a fun motivating way helping to improve confidence, self-motivation and fitness.


This club is run by qualified coaches from GT Centre of Sport. Children learn different ball techniques involved in playing football and working together as a team. They train and then play a match each week which improves fitness, coordination and team work skills.

Irish Dancing

This club is run by the highly experienced Deborah Whelan Dance company. Children will be taught by tutors who have reached the very top within their field in both solo and team dancing, winning World and All Ireland titles. Irish dancing will help to develop student's self-confidence, discipline and ability to work well within a team, all whilst having fun along the way!


The club is run by an experienced Gymnastics coach. Children have fun learning the different gymnastic techniques building up their muscles and improving their coordination, balance and agility skills.


Parents are now able to pay for their child's after school club/s using credit/debit card via your Sims Agaora account at