At Rockliffe Manor Primary School, we ensure that learning is planned for in a cross curricular way, this ensures that children are able to make links within their learning. Lessons challenge all pupils through a variety of activities, providing opportunities for feedback from adults and peers. Through high expectations of everyone at Rockliffe Manor we aspire to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Year 5

This term, Year Five will be focusing on sustainable development and how they can impact the environment. The class will be focussing in on bees and will be using The Bee Movie, as well as a variety of texts to allow them to think about the impact that bees have on our local and global environment. They will also be challenging the reputation of these little creatures! The children will be using research to write a non-chronological report on the topic, which will then be presented in an assembly. They will learn about the importance of bees in the food chain through science and what the world would look like without them. This will all feed into a project in which the children will create a honeybee hotel, as part of the school grounds. Through this the children will develop their DT skills by designing, creating and evaluating a product.

Maths:  Maths lessons this half term will focus on the children developing their understanding of place value. The children will also be exploring Roman numerals and negative numbers. The children will then apply their learning to real life contexts and develop their problem solving skills.

Art: In our art lessons the children will be learning the skill of Batik. They will use this technique to create a honeycomb pattern onto fabric which they will dye.

RE: We will be learning about Buddhism. The children will be able to describe how Buddhists express their beliefs and explore their teachings about life.

PE will take place twice a week.

Our author focus for this half term is Diana Wynne Jones.

We will do guided reading every day. The children will work in groups, reading books at the right level for them. Each group will read once a week with Miss Lilley. We try to make sure it is on the same day each week but things can change, so it is important for children to have their book bags and reading record books at school every day.

Please click here to view the Curriculum Framework for Year 5.



This term, Year Six will be focusing on the theme of Peace & Conflict and how this can impact the lives of different people. They will explore the theme through their core text for this half term, The Other Side of Truth by Beverley Naidoo. This book explores life as a refugee child and the uncertainty of living in a new country. The text will help the children to explore the difficulties of coping in a new environment with no one to guide you. Linked to this, the class will work together on a project, the outcome of which will be a campaign video addressing our local MP, Matthew Pennycook. We will learn about the reasons that refugees have to leave their country and the difficult journeys that they face to get to safety. The children will also be developing their learning in order to think critically about both sides of an argument and to consider all viewpoints.

Maths:  Maths lessons this half term will focus on the children developing their understanding of place value. We will also begin to look at different calculation strategies, as well as continuing to practice mathematical reasoning in the form of word problems and investigations. The children will also focus on their times tables to ensure they can recall these confidently.

Art: In our art lessons the children will be creating self portraits in the style of Nigerian artist, Nike Davies-Okundaye/ They will be designing a self portrait that they will then paint onto fabric.

RE: This half term the children will be learning about Judaism and Jewish life. They will learn about the main beliefs and stories of the faith.

Science: This half term the children will be learning about Evolution. We will be looking at the work of Charles Darwin and thinking about inherited characteristics and adaptation. We will also be exploring this topic through a trip to the Natural History Museum.

PE: This term we will start our swimming sessions and we will be learning the skills needed to play Tag Rugby.

Our author focus this half term is Elizabeth Laird.

We will do guided reading every day as a whole class. The children will be further developing the essential skills they need in order to decode, retrieve and infer from a range of different texts.  

Please click here to view the Curriculum Framework for Year 6.