At Rockliffe Manor Primary School, we ensure that learning is planned for in a cross curricular way, this ensures that children are able to make links within their learning. Lessons challenge all pupils through a variety of activities, providing opportunities for feedback from adults and peers. Through high expectations of everyone at Rockliffe Manor we aspire to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Year 3

This term, Year Three will be learning about gender and diversity, through exploring our core text ‘Bill’s New Frock’ by Anne Fine. The children will discuss the importance of their own identity and will learn about gender prejudice and how to challenge stereotypes. They will also make connections between personal decisions and issues affecting gender. Throughout this theme, we will be learning that it is everyone’s responsibility to challenge prejudice and discrimination and that we value differences. In the book, Bill Simpson wakes up to find he’s a girl, and worse, his mother makes him wear a frilly pink dress to school. How on earth is he going to survive a whole day like this? Everything just seems to be different for girls . . . Inspired by our core text, the children will create their own narratives where gender has changed the way someone behaved in a certain situation. Our termly global learning project will be a Careers Fair at a local Community centre, where the children will be able to guide others on future careers.

Maths:  This half term, the children will continue to use multiplication and division strategies to solve real life problems and investigations. They will also be looking at fractions and time towards the end of the term.

Science: In Science, the children will explore sources of light and how important it is to us. They will investigate how shadows are made, focusing on how the shape and size of shadows can be changed.

Art: In Art we will be learning about Keith Haring, the children will create some gesture drawings in their sketchbook of people in action poses. Then they will use their drawings to create a positive and negative cut paper design of people in action in a simple style showing movement.

RE: In our RE lessons the children will explore the main beliefs in Sikhism. They will explore the contribution of the Ten Gurus to the Sikh religion, including Guru Nanak and the Guru Granth Sahib.

PE: In PE we will continue to develop our gymnastics skills and will also introduce the children to street dance.

Our Author Focus for this half term is Lauren Child.

Every child in Year 3 will read with the class teacher or TA once a week in their guided reading groups and will continue to take reading books home. We urge children to read at home as much as possible in order to continue to develop their comprehension and vocabulary skills. The children can change their books as often as they wish, and they take responsibility for writing the title of their books in their reading record books.

Please click here to view the Curriculum Framework for Year 3.


Year 4

This term, Year Four will be focusing on the global theme of identity and diversity. We will be exploring this through our new core text, The Eye of the Wolf by Daniel Pennac. This great book tells the story of the powerful connection made between the Wolf and the boy through only eye contact. They share their stories with each other without words and show how important our experiences are when we think about our identity. We will be writing a part of the boy’s story and really focusing on our use of descriptive language. Our curriculum learning links to our global theme and we will be looking at how we are all individuals, thinking about the importance of accepting others for who they are. As part of this theme, we will be looking at how disability affects people’s lives and our project will be around raising awareness.

Maths:  Maths lessons this half term will focus on division and area. We will be looking at the different methods and how to use them effectively. The children will also continue to develop their reasoning and problem solving skills, while learning to explain and justify their answers.

Science: In our Science lessons this half term our topic is animals including humans. We will learn about the digestive system, the importance of our teeth and we will explore food chains. We will re-create the digestive system using everyday objects as well as conduct a simple experiment testing the effects of different liquids on our teeth. Through this we will be thinking about the impact people can have on livings things (including other people).

Art: In our art lessons we will be looking at the artist Rene Magritte, particularly his piece ‘The False Mirror’. Children will be practising the skill of observational drawing and will use collage to add their own identity into their final outcome.

RE: We will be learning about Christianity this half term in our RE lessons. We will be looking at the different stories and religious practices within Christianity and use our knowledge to compare the different religions we have learned about so far this academic year.

PE lessons will take place twice a week.

Our Author Focus for this half term is Asterid Lindgren.

We will do guided reading every afternoon. The children will be working in groups, supporting each other. Each group will read with an adult once a week. Children will have an allocated day when they can change their books and their reading records will be looked at. Please ensure children have their book bags and reading records with them each day.

Please click here to view the Curriculum Framework for Year 4.