At Rockliffe Manor Primary School, we believe that learning is most memorable for children when it is planned in a cross-curricular way, taking on board their interests and therefore, enabling children to make links throughout their learning. We always ensure our activities include challenges for all learners, opportunities for children to develop through play and real life experiences with lots of interaction from adults and peers. We have high expectations of both staff and pupils and always strive to achieve outstanding outcomes.


Our core text for this half term is ‘The Little Gardener’ by Emily Hughes. The story is based on a gardener, whose garden means everything to him. Despite being little and not being very good at gardening; he always tries his best to maintain his garden. The little gardener makes a wish for some help. After awakening one day, he finds that his garden has been transformed. This term, we will help the little gardener and get involved in some planting activities to develop our own Nursery garden. We will discuss how things grow and also use other stories such as ‘Jaspers beanstalk’ to further enhance our learning.

Maths: In Maths, we will continue to practise our counting and number recognition through Numicon, songs and number stories. We will also begin to use comparative language linked to our core text. For example, heavy, light, big and small.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: We will continue focus on circle time activities, which will enhance our communication skills and confidence with others.

Role Play: The children will continue to develop their communication and language skills through experiences in the role play area, which will be set up as a Fruit and Vegetable shop linked to the theme of growing.

Physical development: We will engage in a variety of funky finger activities and physical activities to support our movement and fine motor development.

Understanding of the world: The children will develop their understanding of growth and changes over time. We will also link our learning to different upcoming celebrations such as Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day.

Parents and carers can support their children’s learning at home through daily reading. This will enable children to further develop their vocabulary and communication skills. We will be continuing our ‘Parents’ Reading Morning ‘every Thursday morning; you are very welcome to come into Nursery and spend some time at the start of the day reading with your child each week. 

If you would like to discuss more about how you can help your child at home, please see your child's class teacher.

Please click here to view the Curriculum Framework for Nursery.



Our topic for the Spring Term is ‘Choices and Voices’. We will be reading a range of books related to human rights at a Reception appropriate level such as ‘Malala’s Magic Pencil’ and ‘Dreams of Freedom’. Children will learn that we all have rights and will learn about the terms fair and unfair. Children will think about the struggle of Malala, a little girl fighting to go to school in her home country.

Maths: This term, the children will develop their number skills by counting forwards and backwards to 20 and beyond, as well as ordering and finding missing numbers. Children will also be working on their bonds to 10 and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Children will have the opportunity to look at money and use this in their classroom play as well as opportunities to halve and share. Finally, we will complete the term exploring data in the forms of tally charts and bar graphs.  

Phonics: This half term, during our daily phonics sessions, we will be recapping phase 2 sounds and focusing on phase 3 sounds. We will also continue practicing tricky words, as well as blending and segmenting. Here is a website that you may find useful to support your child with their phonics at home-

Understanding of the world/EAD: Based on our topic of rights, equality and justice, our role play area will be turned into a police station. The second half of the term it will be transformed into a school. We will also be inviting visitors, parents and carers into the class to share with the children any occupations or hobbies that may break or challenge typical stereotypes e.g. a male nurse, female police officer/fire fighter, female footballer or male dancer. If you know anybody who would be interested in coming in, please do let us know!

Our author focus this half term will be Nick Butterworth. The children will have the opportunity to read a selection of his books in our book corner.

Children will be doing PE on a Monday or Friday.

The children will take a book home every week with their reading journal, and they will continue with their guided reading sessions each week. Please do leave a comment in the journal when you read with your child each evening. 

Enjoying books with your child will help to develop their learning in phonics as well as communication and language skills, so please do try and read regularly with your child. We will be continuing our ‘Parents’ Reading Morning’ every Thursday, which is an opportunity to come in to Reception and read with your child.

Please click here to view the Curriculum Framework for Reception.