Navdeep Sanghara

Executive Headteacher

Aimi Vdovin

Interim Head of School, Designated Safeguarding Leader and English Leader

Sally Anne Male

Senior Finance and Admin Officer

Hilary Gresko

Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Leader

Siobhan Gomes

EYFS Leader, RE Leader and Nursery Class Teacher

Nancy Cook

KS1 Phase Leader and Year 2 Class Teacher

Carmo Fonseca

Y3/4 Phase Leader and Year 3 Class Teacher

Sophia Wallace

Y5/6 Phase Leader and Year 6 Class Teacher

Megan Thompson

Reception Class Teacher

Gentjana Aliaj

Year 1 Class Teacher

Kirsty Fifield

Year 4 Class Teacher

Alice Lilley

Year 5 Class Teacher

Keven White

PPA Cover Teacher

Michelle Baker


Lewis Baker

Sports, Health and Wellbeing Leader

Mark Daws

Premises Manager

Wendy Wright

Home School Liason, Attendance Officer and Learning Mentor

Susan Rendall

Learning Mentor

Anne Tierney

Admin and Finance Officer

Alice Browne

Admin and Finance Officer

Wendy Budd

HLTA, Reception

Mavis Leandro-Edwards

HLTA, Year 5

Jo Attridge

Teaching Assistant, Nursery and Midday Meals Supervisor

Donna Burton-Range

Teaching Assistant, Nursery

Roslyn Stevens

Teaching Assistant (1:1), Reception

Carrie Lewis

Teaching Assistant, Year 1

Jodie Gilder

Teaching Assistant (1:1), Year 2

Kelly Hepper

Teaching Assistant (1:1), Year 2

Donna Livett

Teaching Assistant, Year 2

Megan White

Teaching Assistant (1:1), Year 2 and Midday Meals Supervisor

Rani Sanghara

Teaching Assistant, Year 3

Tracey Redhead

Teaching Assistant, Year 4

Jeanne Loughran

Teaching Assistant, Year 5

Rebecca Jones

Teaching Assistant, Year 6

Sally Fielding

Beachwood Manager

Sarah-Jane Davidson

Midday Meals Supervisor

Caroline Dickson

Midday Meals Supervisor

Fiona Hamilton

Midday Meals Supervisor

Tameka Henry

Midday Meals Supervisor

Vicky Duru

Beachwood Assistant