At Rockliffe Manor Primary School, we believe that learning is most memorable for pupils when it is planned in a cross curricular way, enabling children to make links throughout their learning. We always ensure our lessons include challenges for all pupils, opportunities for children to learn through hands on experiences, and through lots of feedback from both adults and peers. We have high expectations of both staff and pupils, and always endeavor to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Year 1

This half term, we will be continuing with our theme of belonging.The children will be exploring differences between people and focusing on how people communicate, through their core text, Beegu by Alexis Deacon. This is the story of Beegu, a little alien who crash lands on Earth and finds it hard to communicate with its inhabitants. The children will talk about how they think Beegu feels in this unfamiliar situation and will link this to their own lives. They will look at how people communicate with each other on the playground, in their school and in their community, exploring languages, signs, symbols and ways of communicating like Makaton. The children will also visit Foxfield Primary School and notice the similarities and differences between our two schools. This half term’s learning will culminate in the children creating a school guide that will communicate the most important aspects of our school to a child who is new.

Maths:  Maths lessons this half term will focus on the children consolidating numbers they already know and moving beyond 30. They will be using the part whole and whole to part model to add and subtract. They will begin to count backwards to find the difference between numbers.

Science topic: This half term, the topic is continuing with ‘Everyday Materials’. We will be looking at different materials and their benefits in order to design Beegu a coat. The children will investigate the best materials for the coat and justify their reasons.

Art: In our art lessons the children will be using Van Gogh to inspire them. They will be learning to do swirling methods with paint to create a background and using cardboard to layer and create buildings.

RE: This half term, the children will be learning about Christianity. They will learn about the nativity story and key features of the religion. 

PE will take place twice a week.

Our author focus this half term is Allan Ahlberg.

We will complete guided reading every day. The children will work in groups, reading books at the right level for them. Each group will read once a week with either Miss Naz or Mrs Lewis. We try to make sure it is on the same day each week but things can change, so it is important for children to have their book bags and contact books at school every day.

Please try to read with your child every day at home for ten minutes. Feel free to give feedback about how they got on, or the difficulty level of the banded reading book. It has been great to see so many children reading with parents at home. We are keeping track of how many books each child reads as this will go towards their Reading Challenge total.

Our homework consists of a range of maths and English tasks, as well as assignments related to our topic learning. If you would like to discuss how you can further help your child at home, please see Miss Naz.

Please click here to view the Curriculum Framework for Year 1.


Year 2

This term, Year Two will continue to explore our global theme of self-identity and belonging, with a focus on resilience. The children will discover, through their core text ‘The Red Tree’ by Shaun Tan, that feelings cannot always be expressed by words and remind us that although some bad feelings are inevitable, they are always tempered by hope. This is a kind fable that follows a small child who awakes to find blackened leaves in her bedroom, she wanders around a complex world and is overtaken by a countless number of feelings. Just as all hope seems lost she returns to her bedroom to find a tiny red seedling has grown to fill the room with a warm light. The children will use this character’s journey as inspiration to write their own story for the character, highlighting the hope and positive mindset the character adopts.

Science: This half term, we will continue to focus on animals (including humans) and the key things needed for cleanliness. We will look at investigating how germs spread and what we can do to ensure we are maintaining a healthy life.

Maths: Maths lessons this half term will focus on the children developing their understanding of adding and subtracting two 2 digit numbers in a variety of ways, moving on to money and then multiplying and dividing by 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Art: The children will be creating art linked to the story, The Red Tree. They will be looking at taking inspiration from our local community and sketching skylines from what we can see around us. We will be creating relief skylines and adopting the illustrators style and using newspaper prints in our artwork.

RE: Through RE we will be exploring ‘Judaism.’ This topic will be looking at the importance of different traditions and customs of the religions, as well as the symbolisms of the faith.

PE: PE will take place twice a week, on Thursdays and Fridays

Our author focus this half term is Jeanne Willis.

We will do guided reading every day. The children will work in groups, reading books at the right level for them. Each group will read once a week with the class teacher. We try to make sure it is on the same day each week but things can change.

The children will change their home reading books on a given day, this day will be written in their Reading Record book. Children will choose a banded book to practise reading at their current level as well as a book of free choice to enjoy at home.

Please click here to view the Curriculum Framework for Year 2.